Thursday, August 20, 2009

Syuen Tournament

We went by bus, orgnized by PCA, we got to payRM25 each, still reasonable price.. Thx PCA.

Hotel Main Entrance

One of the Arbiters

Mrs Lee(Joanne) helping out in recording the results.Thx.. yah..

There is a Internal Maybank tournament in Syuen Hotel oso. ( Inddor games--chess included) So some Maybank Staff oso compete in this Syuen tournament.

Mr Raymond Siew -- The Hardworking Tounament Organizer

OK lets start wif Rnd 1

As expected.. all the seeded players.. have their easy game, Ian Udani, Kamaludin Yusof, Tan Khai Boon, Loo Swee Leong, Muzaffar, Sumant subramaniam, Mark Siew, Abdullah Che Hassan EXCEPT for myself ( Anthony). Iwas paired against Maybank player who is unseeded.. Not strong.. But as usual.. I almost lost. And came back after he blundered. Lucky for me.. I checked fritz. I odi -ve2.00 , Huh.. Great escape...

Rnd 2.

Promising Player from Penang.. Elgin Lee in first round. ( Mr Lee -- PCA President looks on)
Rnd 2
As usual.. most players looks ok.. NO upset found.. But Loo swee Leong escaped a lost position against Elgin.. Ended in a draw!! I again struglled hard against a perakian.. Drawish position... n I cheated 0.5 point.. haha
Rnd 3 .. This is where the action starts..
Abdullah Che Hassan lost to Fadzil Nayan.. Well done Fadzil.
He went on to finish 8th
Mark Siew( son of Mr raymond Siew ) -- Sumant --- 0-1
Loo Swee Leong - Muzaffar --1-0
Nabil-- Kamaluddin -- 0-1
Top seed Udani against Faizal Andin -- 1-0
Steven Retallick , he drew wif me in 3rd round
I was too scared to play on.. seeing th eway I play in the first 2 rnds was horrible..
Rnd 4
A critical round oso -- unfortunately I cnot take pic for this round. As i was too busy handling Elgin Lee.
Rnd 5 -- I beat Abdullah Che Hassan who blundered a rook in a easy complicated endgame .. lucky for me..
OK lets skip to after Rnd 6.. is the interesting part. Udani 5.5/6 , Kamaludin 5.5/6, they drew wif each other. Tan Khai Boon (TKB)-5 pts, Faizal Andin 5pts, Loo Swee Leong -- 4.5 , Myself. 4.5, Pairing is Kamal-- TKB , Udani -- Me, LSL - Faizal.. All looks lost for Penang, as a draw by Kamal or Udani.. , no one can catch up odi.. due to their better tiebreak. Udani odi assured 2nd , playing white so decided to play it out wif me. I offered a draw early in the game.. by exchanging peices.. quickly. He cud have just offer me the game n will be champ , bcoz TKB beat Kamal!! later... !! Udani will be 6pts. , champ.. . He worries tta Kamal will beat TKB.. in fact he almost did!! A piece up. but his time drop.. too bad.. for him. So, we all won ( myself, TKB , LSL)
Therefore finished st, 3rd,n 5th.. due to udani, n Kamal, both wants to be champ.. Haha... relly lucky for TKB.. In fact opposite color endgame in my game against Udani.. Haha.. He was in time trouble n blundered, ..
Ok Closing ceremony
Champion -- Tan Khai Boon

Ian Udani -- 2nd-- So close n yet so far.Tats chess cruelty.haha

One Hapy Family. Came all the way from Penang

Mr Tan Eng Seong -- PCA Assistant Secretary. bringing his daughter oso

Ooi Zhi Yang -- Another promising player from PenangI know his parents personally.. wath out this player , Elgin... haha..

The sponsors and the organizer.. without them no tournament lah.. 10q 10q

Wong Yinn Long-- another promising player

Tan Jia Yun.. ( tan eng seong's Daughter)

My former teacher Mr Khor, x play well , but still win veteran prize. Haha..

U can can full results at

Bye for now..