Tuesday, April 27, 2010

KLK 3rd Leg In Bagan Serai
Tang Wei Yang In Action

Fong Min Yen in action

Wei Kit beat Sit Seng Yaw in a lucky game

Wei Kit-- Seng Yaw

TKB in rnd 6, I also playing against Muzaffar in round 6

Group Photo of the winners

From left , Jeffri(8th), Mr Fong ( 7th) Fong Miyen(6th) , FYS (2nd) TKB (3rd)

White shirt is Tang Wei Kit/5points ( U12 Champ)

Tang Khar Khei ( 5points / U16 champ)

Last rnd.. Fong Mi Yen won convicingly against Wei Kit

Critical rnd, See report below..

Playing Hall

Sek Men Teknik Kerian, Bagan Serai

Mr Chan , The PICA President

Starting List

Before Rnd 1 Starts , TKB not yet take breakfast oso .. LOL , I oso..

Went to Sek Men Kerian , Bagan Serai . I followed Mr. Tang n his family, So 7 of us with 5 participating , namely Tan Khai Boon , Me, Khar Khei, Wei Kit, n Wei Siang . I went to Mr.Tang's house at 8am. So 8am, journey starts.. We got sesat before reaching there , LOL, went out the toll too late . Almost miss the first round. Luckily got one helpful guy show us the way to there.. so Mr.Tang belanja him minum. LOL.

The School Logo

Arbiter's Corner

KLK Banner

Once reach there 5 mins later odi first rnd starts .

Rnd 1

Everyone wins convincingly , except Fong Yit San.. he got a better opponent.

Rnd 1 got some prob .. Fong Yit san

Rnd 2

My opponent in rnd 2 even worse than Rnd 1 , LOL , i finish the game quickly n take some rest . So everybody got 2 points except Wei Yang , oni 7yrs old , forgive him..

Rnd 3
I get to play leng lui .. Ee Shu Jing , cant guess her age, but playing in open category , i cant remember the last penang lady player play in open category, OMG .. Penang no girls can play one ah, after 18yrs old? Once left school , chess is no more in their memory :( , She played not bad leh.. or maybe I play lousy la.. , later she made a serious posiitonal area. i just exploit it. 3 pawns down rook endgame , she sportingly resign unlike some players , Rook n a piece down.. oni left with king oso play on.. hope for stale mate.. LOL , think i am 7 yrs old ah? After this rnd all of us 3 points .

Rnd 4
Oops.. tis round i get to play Khar Khei.. interesting game. i got into trouble from the opening .. but later KharKhei make some error , which I cant relly see where, need to use Fritz to analyse.. LOL, Wei Kit oso lost tis rnd . So TKB 4, me 4, Khar khei 3, Wei Kit 3.

After Rnd 4 is lunch time odi


We went to a nearby coffee shop , have some lousy chicken rice.. then quickly go back for rnd 5, Mana tahu we were late 3 mins. I play wif Yit San's dad, he trying to make it drawish.. , due to my reputation , LOL, but later make an elmentary blunder the exchange.. , from drawish position.. , I face np converting it . The drama is TKB-- FYS , FYS wining... n up on time . then FYS blundered a rook . In time trouble TKB just simplfy the position n went into R+K+N vs R+K , wif 25secs left He play on stupidly, then 2 secs left He called arbiter to claim draw.. luckily Arbiter say gif him 2mins to prove his claim . thn FYS no choice but to take the draw.. , very gray area arbitering.. I oso dun know how to make decision. Wei Kit n Khar Khei won so both 4 points .

Rnd 6
Tis is the critical rnd, 3 players 5/5 now . I got veteran Muzaffar, playing white, I confident of winning tis , Got the advantage from the opening , Later he blundered a rook , and I didn't see!! , Damn , Then my king cant castling.. in deep trouble , I need to gif up a pawn, to confuse abit the game, guess wat ? A pawn down , n down on time , 12mins vs 18mins, Muzaffar offered a draw.. I quickly accept, LOL , TKB beat the other 5pointer to have 5.5/6 , FYS also won so he also 5.5/6 , Now 4 players 5.5/6 , 10 players 5/6 , Khar Khei lost a totally wining game.. , Wei Kit beat Sit Seng Yaw when he totally blundered a whole bishop in a completely winning position!! ,
So Wei Kit oso 5/6 , Khar Khei 4/6.

Rnd 7( Final Round)

TKB n me did some calculation, If one of us win, the other will be 5.5 points, one will be champion, and the other cant even win a prize .. Hmm.. So we beter be oscar winner , play 10moves , and report as a Grandmaster draw =)), , then we just hope that FYS-- Muzaffar no winner, then we may have good chance top 2 , 30mins later , really there are already 3 6pointers from 5/6 group, no draws. !! , Then one GOOD news , Muzaffar n FYS drew!!.. TKB n me celebrating!! We are sure of top 4, the rest anyting will be a bonus . I jsut walk around hope my opponents can win .. Khar Khei won, Mr Foong won , wat a relief, Then leng lui Ee Shu Jing.. losing , hope she can win. Then her opponent blundered a queen.. YES she won.. I so happy for her n me , LOL .. Finally 9 players finish with 6points, And I am FIRST.. HUh.. damn lucky , LOL. TKB finished third, so both of us rm400 jsut nice for serdang .. fried porridge =)) , Khar Khei oso won U16, Wei Kit, lost his last game, but U12 champ oso..


Monday, April 12, 2010

KLK Taiping 2nd leg report

Fadzil Nayan finished 3rd

Tang Khar Khei finished 7th

Tang Wei Kit ( 5points)

U12 ladies winner


Last rnd - Weikit lost to Sit, i so free can take photo lagi LOL

Mr Tang, 10q very much for fetching me, if not i wont be at Taiping.. Thx..

Dr yee and Mr chan old n new PICE president

Ee Shu Jing , from Ee's family, his brother was robbed a prize, i think
result not accurate , Ee kong yun actually won but report as lost.. HAIZ..

CRC TAiping founded 1915

Nice KLK sponsor..

Breakfast oso got provided , Well done CRC

CRC committee members

The hardworking Arbiter Table , EnYunus and gang..

Fong Yit Ho , finished 17th..

Chan Kah Poh, played well oni lost ot Fadzil n drew wif TKB

Tang Wei Kit.. potential Penang junior.

Tang Khar Khei in Rnd1

Ooi Zhi Yang in rnd 1

Long time no update odi haha, i wil update every tourney i pay from now on.. stay tune ya.. Haha ..

Well i went to Taiping on 11th Apr.. to play in the Perak k2nd leg.. , Huge turnout , 192 players, 7 rounds.. sure not enough odi i am very sure.. nvm.. lets move on..

Starting List of the tourney

Starting List Can see clearly Tan Khai Boon is the top seed. Oni five fomr penang, Tang Khar Khei, Tang wei kit, me, and Ooi Zhi yang play in tis tourney.. Ooi zhi yang travel on his own, while the other 4 same car.

Ooi Zhi yang, finished the tourney with 4 points, well below par performance, Walao.. i expect 5 points from him, lost to old man oso got.. LOL..

rnd 1
I got a walkover in rnd 1 , everybody seems to win easily, The seeded one la i Mean.. There is a school i think from slim river , sent 48 participants, no wonder got so many participants, Thx for playing .. I think good experience for them.

Rnd 2 and Round 3
As usual nothing much to say here

Rnd 4
Here comes the interesting part, I got black against Ee Kong Yun, got into some trouble in the opening.. then as usual defended well , and at one stage i thought i was a piece up . due to his knight pinned on d5, but i just cant take it, due to some mating threats , finally i just settle wif double bishop vs double knghts, wif rooks on board. then i went on to win as he blundered a piece. in time trouble. INteresting story was I claimed a 2mins penanly when he moved a illegal move, but arbiter wants to use anallog clock to reset it, then I say i dun want to claim odi.. haha, my itme was 4mins, his oni 1.5 mins.. so it;'s beter to have more precise time . Hehe
TKB lost tis rnd to unseeded , Syamaizar bin Lup who went on to finish 8th in the tourney..
We, TKB , me, Mr .Tang, Wei Kit , Khar Khei and Ooi Zhi Yang had our lunch just behind Hong Leong Bank coffee shop , the chicken rice is not bad and I also notice that Bismillah Cendol closed already , So no cendol for us :(( . I stil taught Khai Boon and I can win a prize but haiz.. he relly disappointing . Ooi Zhi Yang later go buy chips on his own.. tat THAM CIAK KUI =))

Round 5

Ths round is right after lunch
I got Zul suhaili as my oppponent, A sicilan defence where I playing white, i won a pawn in the middlegame, but things changed when i blundered a pawn later and endgame reach I was B+3pawns , he was Knight + 3 pawns, both centralized king, I am just lucky that i can win Both queens our pawns and I manage to swindle him, when I was 1.5mins, he was 48secs, i checked him until he made llegal move, n I cal arbiter for my 2 mins, he sporting ly resigned, when he was a piece down, Huh. narrow escape, if not i wil join TKB =)) . Tis ound I am sure there are many interesting games but I got no time to see bcoz as I said earlier both of us are in time trouble..

rnd 6
I got an easy game against Abdul Rahman, he blundered in the opening a piece, but sacrifice another piece to attack my king, wif Knight ,pawn,quuen, my king just urn to center , covered wif my centre pawns and I am safe , later queen was exchanged n my win was never in doubt.. TKB drew wif Chan Kah Poh. This is the critical round for most of the prize winners here . Menang cantik , Kalah Mati.. LOL.. This is also another critical round , Winner takes all , this win already assured me my top 3 placing . I am sure Fadzil will not be dare to play me in the final round . LOL .. So we cna draw like Hou Yi Fan =))

Rnd 7(Final Round)
Here comes the interesting part
Fong yit san , fadzil nayan and me all 6 points, but the draw dun favor me n fadzil, we got to play each other. Behind us was 5pointers, there r at least 12 of them, the loser between me n fadzil wil be HABIS, GAME OVER, so we agreed to a draw, after i make my first move, n I just can rest =)), TKB won is rnd to finish 5.5 pts, Surprising ly wei kit n kharkhei oso 5/6 , Khar Khei won tis rnd n finish wif 6 points , more than TKB!! , Wei kit lost to sit Seng Yaw, but good performance by him, i think compared to Ooi Zhi Yang , LOL....

So finally, Yit san won his game and CHAMPION to him, Unfortunately i x take his photo, as i was busy take my prize , i am sure he wont mind :LOL
Final Standings:
1. Fong Yit San ( 7pts)
2. Anthony Liong ( 6.5)
3. Fadzil Nayan (6.5)
4.Abd Rahman 6
5.Sit Seng Yaw6
6.Ahmad Muzaffar ( shud be Ee Kong Yun) 6
7.Tang Khar Khei 6
8. Wan Mohd Jeefri 6
9. Nur Afizan 6
10.Syamaizar Bin Lup 5.5
11.Tan Khai Boon 5.5
12.Loh Thiam Sang
13. Chan Kah Poh 5.5
14. Zul Suhaili 5
15.Hor Kam Phew 5
16. Ee Kong Yun ( Unfortunately) 5 -- shud be 6
17. Fong Yit Ho -- 5
18. Muhammad Hafizi --5
19. Fong Choong Ee -- 5
20. Yeoh Choon Lee --5
OMG number 14 to 40 all are 5 pointers!! .. once u slip 0.5 points relly GAME OVER !!

OK, Bye for now.. .

Finally , Thank You to KLK and CRC for their sponsorship , If not if will not be a successful event . I find CRC is really a lucky playing venue for me.
My opinion about tis tournament
I came here the fifth time already, and I got 1st, 10th, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd . Not to say that I am good , just plain lucky I guess , =))

I think that there should be at least 8 rounds considering the number of participants exceeds 128 , But it favors me , LOL , so no compain la, just my 2 cts . The parit Buntar leg I may also play if Mr Tang can fetch me of course :) , Oh ya.. Mr Tang , i wil give ur children a book i mean i photstat and give to you , I think can help improve their understanding of the game, I find this book very helpful to me . Please remind me ya.. when I meet you .