Monday, July 13, 2009

Con : Felda Rasah Open

Rnd 4
I (Evan) lost to the eventual Champion , Loo Swee Leong..

Evan Timothy Capel - Loo Swee Leong 0-1
He played very well in the opening and eventually won the game.

Rnd 5
The leaders all drew their games . sumant - Abdullah drew. Loo Swee Leong and Tan Khai Boon drew also. Many of us were half a point behind. So ,basically a catch up round for those who lost earlier.

Rnd 6
This is the critical round. Tan Khai Boon beat Abdullah Che Hassan. Loo Swee Leong beat Sumant. So after 6 rounds , Tan and Loo leading wif 5.5 points. Following closely behind were Evan, Wong Hao, Ismail Ahmad-- all 5 points. Evan and Ismail Ahmad was expected to be there but Wong Hao beating me CONVNCINGLY, ... Good for Penang.. watch put for this player. He has beaten Tan Khai Boon twice, and now me . :(

Wong Teik Choy ( Wong Hao's supportive dad) and Wong Hao

Anthony Liong depressed after losing to one of Penang's most Promising junior Wong Hao

Tan Khai Boon beat National Closed Finalist Abdullah Che Hassan

Loo Swee Leong - Sumant Subramaniam 1-0

Rnd 7 -- Final round

Here are the top 4 boards which determine the top prizes. Others just play and pray to be in top 10.

Tan Khai Boon.. winning... but perpectual check saved the day for world police champion, Ismail Ahmad.. therefore, Tan finished 2nd with 6pts. Ismail 5.5 pts - fifth.

Loo Swee Leong playing Wong Hao.. the last game to finish.. and Loo won it in a mad time scarmble. So Loo won RM1000.. but credit to wong Hao.. who came so close to finish 2nd if he can win.. So Wong Hao finished the tourney 8th..

Table 3: Draw.. it was a ding dong battle... Abdullah up a pawn.. but R+P vs Rook in the ending..
Abdullah less time , offered a draw.. So Evan finished 3rd, Abdullah 9th..

Table 4: Sumant- Elgin.. after the early setback.. Elgin is back... he will finish top 5 if can win..
but the game was a tame draw.. So sumant finished 6th. Elgin unluckily finished 14th. due to lower tiebreak.

So u see 7/8 players of top 10 comes from table 1-4, 3 more players that finished top 10 were Azwan bin Zaabah (4th), Ahmad Fadzil Nayan ( 7th) , and of course myself ( 10th) , AS USUAL ... LOL , always winning the last round and get a prize ... wakakakakkakakaka...

Closing Ceremony

Loo Swee Leong

Tan Khai Boon

NM Evan Timothy Capel

The SPONSOR for this event is of course FELDA. This is the third Perak event tat offer RM1000 for the winner . Thx.. En. Zamri, -- Pengerusi FELDA.

Form left: En Roslan - Timbalan Pengerusi, En. Zamri - Pengerusi, En. Mohamad Zaid ,Mahmud-Arbiter, En. Abu Bakar - Arbiter, En Anuar bin Ismail - Pembantu Khas

The Arbiters

Handling the Open Section

En Abu Bakar Martin --- too shy to look at me, when I want to snap picture.. LOL..

En. Abd. Malik - U12 category.. job well done...

U-12 Section.

Wong Yinn Long won 1st in this event . Congratulations. More n more young guns from Penang.

Some other pictures.

Mr . Lee Ewe Ghee -- our beloved PCA President.. who contributed a lot to Penang Chess.
Thx.. Mr Lee.

Our playing venue..

Mr Lee's 2nd son , William playing against Johan Jamil, rnd 2. Result : 1-0


  1. Loo Swee Leong?
    Ha..neglect family coz of chess, now divorce soon....irresposible rubbish!

  2. yes, heard that he is in the process of divorcement. It is true...