Sunday, July 12, 2009

Felda Rasah Open

I just came back from the Felda Rasah Open organized by Felda. Penang actually send some players there.
1.Mr. Lee , whole family,
2. Mr Khor bringing Free School Boys.
3. Loo Swee Leong bringing Sanjeewa ( San Zee Vwa -- New China GM ) LOL... , Ren Chi and of course Tan Khai Boon.. ( Sweel Leong long time fren)
4. Mr Wong - bringing his son Wong Hao and Keok Kai En. ( Chung Ling rep )
OK.. let me start with my journey. All of them use the Kuala Kangsar road which means they come form north. I on the other hand travel from Ipoh- Lintang- Felda. Huh..... in fact even harder to find.. almost sesat . :)) . Anyway manage to reach there at 9:20 am. Among the Penangites , I reach the latest. wakakakakak.. so I asked Mr Khor to pay for me first.. ok. cut short of all this story.

Here we go round 1.
All of us have an easy round. That includes players form Selangor , Abdullah Che Hassan, Ismail Ahmad, Sumant ( Pahang), Johan (Perak )-- top seed, Fadzil Nayan (Perak) -- 2nd seed.
However Penang suffered the setback in this round. Elgin was beaten by Zubri from Perak( basically an unknown). Mr Khow was beaten by Perak veteran ,muzaffar ( Mr Khor was better throughout the game, but blundered.( As usual ) . LOL..

Mr Khor just blundered. ..

Elgin in losing position... :(

Rnd 2
Everybody seems to have an easy rnd again. I manage to take revenge for elgin.. :), checkmated my opponent.

Rnd 3
Here is the interesting round. I beat Johan Jamil. Fadzil Nayan also lost to Evan. Others all got their 3 pts as expected.

Johan Jamil

PFS player Sanjeevwa Sritharan. .A player who goes to tournaments endlessly . Nat Rating 1566

Fadzil Nayan . 2nd seed

Rnd 4

Wat a critical round..... This round i lost to Abdullah Che Hassan. Loo Swee Leong, Tan Khai Boon, all won. So after 4 rnds , oni 4 players with 4 points. Loo, Tan Khai Boon, Abdullah and Sumant. Evan lost to Loo Swee Leong.

Sumant Subramaniam

Abdulah -- Evan , 0.5-0.5

I take a rest first , to be continued tomorrow.. :))

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