Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sumant Wins UTP Open

Fresh from winning the under-17 MBSSKL Invitational last week, Sumant (6.5 points)won the UTP Chess Open ahead of Ian Udani(6 points), Tan Khai Boon(6 points), Evan Timothy Capel(5.5 points), Ahmad Fadzil Nayan(5 points).

Here are some pictures of the venue.

Outside the tounament hall.

Beside the hall is the Main Library. Players had the chance to visit the Library between rounds

A closer look at it.

Inside the tournament hall. It was the coldest hall i have ever been to. The players who had brought their jackets and coats along had the advantage.

Before the round San jeevwa (right)and Tan Khai Boon (both from penang) playing friendly matches. It was a great achievement for Sanjeevwa (18 years) who managed to find his way to UTP.

Pictures from Round 1

Nigerian player? Well, he is! Actually from UTP

Round 3

Ian Udani vs Mark Siew 1-0

Sanjeevwa vs Evan 0-1
Lucky for me , I have a jacket.
This game was a terrible game. We kept giving free pieces to one another.
Sajeevwa's time dropped and I won. However Sanjeevwa played very well get got 10th place.

Tan Khai boon won his game too.

Round 4 . The Fun begins.

Sumant Subramaniam vs Kamaluddin Yusof 1-0

1st board Tan Khai Boon vs Ian Udani 0-1
2nd board Evan Capel vs Fadzil Nayan 1-0

Mark siew(white) beat Agos Baharuddin

Round 5

Ian Udani vs Evan 0.5 - 0.5
I made an illegal move!! Ian claimed 2mins extra

Round 6

Evan Capel vs Sumant 0-1
I made another illegal move!!
After this game Sumant was leading with 0.5 to the nearest rival

Ian Udani won on 2nd board while tan khai boon beat Kamaluddin Yusof

ROund 7

Ian Udani vs SUmant 0.5 - 0.5

Ahmad Muzzafar vs Tan khai boon 0-1

The last game to end Kamaluddin vs Fadzil 1.5 - 1.5

Fadzil had 3 pawns + B while Kamaluddin had 1 pawn + B

Sanjeevwa overjoyed as he got 10th place (RM 50)

I went back with a terrible Fever.

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